The building 1st housed a cinema in the 60’s until the 90’s. After closing it’s doors in the 90’s, it reopened as Stereo in 1998.  Stereo has become a live performance venue, highly appreciated by both the public and the many artists who’ve performed here. Located on St. Catherine St., in the heart of Downtown Montreal, Stereo has a 700 person capacity.  The venue has hosted memorable nights by artists including, , Deep Dish, David Morales, Sasha, Deadmau5,

While hosting live and DJ performances remain its primary purpose, Stereo occasionally transforms itself into a reception hall for launches, corporate events and meetings of all kinds.You’ve seen some excellent shows at Stereo, but have you ever considered doing business there?  Your receptions, gala dinners, product launches, conferences and all needs will be in good hands with L’EQUIPE STEREO.  We will be please to offer the services of our technicians, logistical support and a range of services tailored to your target clientele.


Capacity | Stereo has a maximum capacity of 700. Depending on your needs, the venue can also handle a smaller number of guests. Please consult rate card for details on possible configurations.

Services offered
•Technical direction
•Sound and Lighting Equipment
•Bar Service
•Coat check
•Entertainment upon request
•VIP room
Depending on the type of event and the number of people attending, a team will be assembled to greet your guests.
Even prior to the contract signing, the technical director can provide you with a budget based on your Specific technical needs.
Ticketed show, open to the public –
Stereo Classique – 700 capacity
  • Floor and levels standing [550]  seated [150]
Stereo Reception – 450 capacity
  • Floor standing [350]  Levels seated  [100]
Sunday to Thursday:  $3500.00  |   Friday and Saturday : $4500.00
Set Up : $750

The rental costs covers the sound and lighting equipment discussed in Stereo technical specification, maintenance and set-up personnel, as well as bar-service staff including management.

Additional Services
•Technical director $27/h
•Lightman $25/h
•Stagehands $ 20/h
•Reception Staff $15/h
•Ticket Printing  $0.15

Technical Specs Sound [ Please call ]

  • 1 [4] Head Smoke Machine Martin
  • 1 MDG Atmoshere Fog Generator
  • Intercom System with headphones
Stage & Dancefloor Lighting
  • 250 pinspots

  • 16 Tri Pak LED

  • 26 moving lights

  • 4 Clay Paky 300 Beam 

  • 4 Moving Scans

  • 8 Leko 575w 36 degrees

  • 8 Strobe 2500w+rgb

  • 16 Police lights 

  • 8 cdj 2000nexus2 + 4 CDJ3000

  • 1 rane 2015

  • 1 pioneer 900 nexus2 + V10

  • 3 Allen&Heath zone 92

  • 2 lasers rgb 3w

Tobacco products

According to provincial laws, Please notice that it’s stricly forbidden to smoke in all public areas, including bars, restaurant and all cultural establishments. To this end, here is a summary of the Quebec Law:

Article 43 | The venues administration can be fined from 400$ to 4000$ for a first offense and 1000$ to 10 000$ for a second offense, if found responsible for failing to comply with the law.

Safety equipment’s | As per provincial law: It is mandatory that everybody onstage (any person working or supervising work), during a load in or a Load out, must wear protection shoes with steel toe.

Effects of flames, fire and pyrotechnical effects | The producer of an event that wishes to hire a manipulator of fire (spitting or juggling of fire) must first obtain a written permission from Stereo’s management and a permit from the fire department of the city of Montreal. Effects coming from fire are not defined as explosives, under the law.

Full details on the type of the effect, a sequence plan and a stage plot will be required. A trial test will also be required before the show. In addition, the effects manipulator must have the right level of certification required under the federal law.

In the absence of a permit and a valid certification from the fire departement, management shall prevent the performance from taking place.

A fee may be charged for: cleaning and resetting the venue; and any damages caused by the performance.

Ignition source | It is forbidden to produce open flames sparks or heat by means of a device. Candles and paraffin lamps are subject to approval with the Landlord. They should be mounted on noncombustible support and be placed in a container exceeding at least 3.8 cm (1.5 in.) the height of the flame.

Fireproofing | The Tenant must fireproof all scenic elements used in the leased premises to ensure that all materials pass the flame of a match exposure test, according to the norm NFPA 701, Fire Tests for Flame-Resistant Textiles and Films. Management reserves the right to perform this test at all times to ensure the effectiveness of the fireproofing.

Rigging | The Landlord must approve all types of clashes: Artistic, acrobatic and equipment. In some cases a plan approved by an engineer will be required.